Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dana Meadows and Mammoth Peak - Yosemite Painting

I cannot get enough of this place. We drove up to Tuolumne during the long weekend and it was beautiful. Missed my easel & canvas but had my camera. Here is my new painting based on a reference shot that I took during the trip.

Done on a 11 X 14 Canvas with WMO. The mountain and some of the trees in the meadow are done impasto style with knife. Sky and the clouds are done with brush. This is the first painting in the high country series that I intend to work on this summer.

Here is the painting,

Here is the reference photo,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach day @ Carmel, CA

Here is my latest painting , based on a reference shot that I took in Carmel beach of my daughter & her aunt. I went back to acrylic to do this. The sand & reflections are done in a watered down paint to get the watercolor look & feel.

Done on a 11 X 14 canvas with Acrylic. Hope you like it.