Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Painting #10 - Blue Bucket Ranunculus

By now, you all might have gathered that I love Thursdays, Ferry building Farmers market and Thomas Farms :). I stopped there last Thursday again. I have so many photos of different flower bunches every season in those blue buckets. I love looking at them. Here is a painting of blue bucket ranunculus.

I even picked up a small bunch for home. It is now sitting in my kitchen and taunting me to paint them.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weekly Painting #9 - Garden Rose

Planted bunch of tree roses in my garden this week. Hauling them from the garden center, digging a giant hole and planting them was exhausting. Painting a broken branch with the pretty bloom, worth every minute.

Weekly Painting #8 - Spring Chickens

Ain't no spring chicken, but I sure enjoyed painting them :).
I like it when dilemma in my life revolves around painting egg or chicken. Of course, chicken won. It's a mix of couple of reference photos but I have been thinking about painting these little chicks for months. Stay tuned for an egg painting some time in the coming weeks.