Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sattui's Neighbor - Oil Painting

11X14 Canvas Panel with Oil

Last spring when drove to Napa Valley and spent sometime at Sattui Winery. There was this little barn next to Sattui Castle amidst the mustards. I took a quick reference shot for painting and forgot about it. Now that the mustard season is in full swing, I went back to that old photo to paint this. Hope you like it..

Here is my reference photo

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sierra Autumn - Oil Painting

Painted this a while back, just getting around to sharing this. Based on an autumn scene from Eastern Sierra. This is more of a fun and play with the colors kinda painting for me. I tried to paint loose not bothering with the details. A bit of deviation from my usual style, but I still liked it.

Done on a 11X14 Canvas with Water mixable oil.

Sassy Pansy

6 X8 Canvas Panel with Oil.
Just a small study to get some practice painting the glass vase.