Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pigeon Point Light house- Plein Air Painting

Hello.. Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a busy summer. So many unfinished paintings and so little time. Determined to get some plein-air painting done, I packed up my gear and went to Pigeon Point with a small workshop group. It was supposed to be a sunny day with upper 60s. But meteorologists were wrong again. It turned out to be a foggy, windy and a cold day.

There are many interesting views to paint here along the cliffs but we set up closer to the hostel area to escape the wind. It turned out to be a fun painting experience until my canvas panel was swept away by the wind and rolled in the sand. It was quite an ordeal to rescue before it became a sand painting. Wet canvas carrier goes on the wish list now :).

My setup and work in progress below,

And here is my finished painting

Hope you like it. Next up is the pumpkins from Half Moon bay :)