Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Filoli Garden Spring Fling - Flowering Trees and Tulips

We visited the beautiful Filoli Gardens last month. They had a breath taking display of tulips and flowering trees. With an adventurous 7 year old around, it is not always possible for me to do Plein air paintings. I took tons of pictures and now working on a full series of Filoli Spring Fling paintings based on my photos.

Here are some I finished over the weekend.

Filoli Pink blossoms - 8X 10 Canvas Panel, Water Mixable Oil painting

Filoli Red Tree - 8x10 Canvas Panel, WMO Oil painting

Filoli Fire - 5X7 Canvas Panel , WMO oil painting

Filoli Tulips by the Pool - 5X7 canvas panel, WMO oil painting

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