Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pacific Coast Series - Mendocino Paintings

I love painting water in any form and particulary drawn to the pacific coast. I have accumulated tons and tons of reference shots from my numerous trips all the way from the northern to southern California coast. There is no way I will be able to finish painting them all in my lifetime but I am attempting to make a small series of the coast that I adore.

Trying to do this in a smaller size canvas panels as studies and may do couple of bigger size paintings later. You will also see that I am slightly moving away from my usual style of painting with details to more of a painterly approach in these studies. I am training my eyes to see the shapes, color values and capture the mood rather than working on the details :-).

First and second in the series are from the reference shots that I took along the Mendocino coast - each painting took about an hour. Hope you like it.

Enroute to Elk - 8 X 10 Canvas panel, Water Soluble Oil

Along the Mendocino Coast - 8 X 10 Canvas panel, Water Soluble Oil

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