Monday, May 9, 2011

Mexican Vase & Lemon - Oil painting

Here is a still life painting that I have been working on for a while... I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes and try to avoid still life and potraits as much as possible. This was thrown as a challenge to me in an art class. For this particular study, it felt like forcing a right handed person to draw with a left hand ;-). But after a watercolor sketch of the same setup and two stainless steel practice studies later, I think I am finished with this.

Just from painting that stainless steel bowl, I learnt so much. No denying that still lifes are indeed foundation to capture the lights and shadows in a painting and I am sure I can take the learning to my semi impressionistic landscapes.

Done on a 16 X 20 Canvas with oil..

A Close up of the painting

My setup


  1. Am impressed by the gradual changes between the light and dark shades. The shadows are very subtle
    - Priya Natarajan