Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Painting #1 - Dos Daffodils

My resolution comes two months late. I got tired of seeing so many inspirations around me and not being able to find the time to paint. While I dream of painting daily, I am going for a more realistic goal - one painting every week starting from this month. I want to be able to start and finish my painting in one session. So, I will be painting small, no more than 11X14 and take no more than two hours. Very excited to experiment different artistic styles and develop my own :).

To kick start the weekly painting session, I grabbed the daffodils from my garden and put them in a pretty cobalt blue cup. Placed it on a white dry erase board next to my window. I loved looking at the shadow cast by the blue glass. So much that I tossed my original intention of painting lose and got sucked in to doing a realism with the shadows. Here is my painting with the subject.

And the painting. 8 X 8 canvas with acrylic, done under 2 hours.

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