Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Proud Peacock - Acrylic painting

Sharing my latest painting. A slight deviation from my usual medium but I had so much fun doing this. Lot of things going on in this painting - I used acrylic soft gel for gloss & texture and iridescent acrylic paint ( both gold & silver). This turned out to be one glittery peacock.

Done on a 18X24 canvas and painted mainly with palette knife. Here are some details on the head and the plumage.

I feel the photo here hasn't really captured the texture & the shine of the painting. I guess you got to touch and see it in the light to experience that. If you are in my town, I welcome you to do just that at the Milpitas library this Saturday. I'll be displaying this & another painting in the Golden Hills art association member show at the library. Will post the details on the show tomorrow..

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