Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Middle McCloud Falls - Oil Painting

Every now & then, I like to pick challenging subjects to paint and I would consider this as one of them. During my travel to Northern California, I took numerous pics of waterfalls out there. This is a painting of Middle Mccloud falls based on my photograph. This huge falls project three layers of cascade, part of it is always hidden in the shadow. This is an intimidating waterfall to photograph let alone paint.

Done on a 20 X 24 canvas with water soluble oil mostly impasto style using knife & some brush.

After 12 hours in to this, I am happy with the progress so far. I would like to call it done, but like many other artists I also suffer from the tendency to over work on my paintings. I am letting it sit on the easel and staring at it whenever I pass by to catch something that I don't like. Well, can't stare at it too long as I am hoping to enter this for a juried show soon. Hope you like what you see..

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